Pin type  Ball type  Flat face

Push lock fittings - JIC, NTP hose menders hose inserts Connectors imperial and metric threaded - male stud connectors straight and 90 - male-male nipples reducers Tee pieces sockets elbows plugs.

nickel plated and plastic metric and imperial size

Our hose ends are suitable for 1 wire, 2 wire and 4 wire hydraulic hose. We stock: JIC NPT ORFS METRIC KOMATSU FLANGE HOSE ENDS

We do JIC,BSP,SAE, NPT ORFS adaptors. Straight 90,45 TEE,caps and plugs.

1 wire 2 wire 4 wire 6 wire

We provide: Steel, Stainless Steel and Bundy tubing
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